The Complete Japanese Tie-Dyeing

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Spending 10 days at a workshop at Bryan Whitehead’s farmhouse outside Tokyo, Japan, I learned some basics of indigo dyeing and surface design techniques. I was particularly interested in the books that Bryan used for reference in learning patterning techniques. One day this book was sitting on his work table and I could hardly wait to obtain a copy.


If you can’t go to Tokyo soon, here is one of the best books on tie dying, indigo techniques. The book gives examples/directions for most indigo related surface design work. The book is divided into sections: Close-Wound Binding, Stitch Techniques, Techniques Using a Binding Stand, Techniques Using the Right-Angle Hook, Bound Dots, Techniques Using the Folked Bamboo Stand, Pole-Wrapping Techniques, Innovative Dyeing Techniques, Special Techniques.

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The Complete Japanese Tie-Dyeing (Shiborizome Taizen) by Hiroko Ando is a Japanese publication. Even though the text is in Japanese there are photographs that show each step of the dyeing process and a picture of the results. This is not a small book. The book is 270 pages of techniques for tying, sewing, wrapping cloth for indigo dyeing. I have heard it referred to as the “Bible for Shibori”.

More of the books recommended, during this workshop, by Bryan will follow from this post.

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