Simple Indigo Book

This book is filled with simple indigo/shibori projects for the beginning dyer. Although the book is small in dimensions (104 pages) and entirely in Japanese, it is filled with photographs with step by step instructions on shibori techniques to be used on possible projects. The instructions show the finished piece and, then, the steps used to get the same designs. In most cases, the authors suggest possible projects that might work with the design.

This piece shows a folded piece of fabric with a buttons sewed on border areas to get the desired effect.

Another example shows a piece of fabric tied with a strong plastic tape. The resulting design is a zig-zag calligraphic design shown, by the authors, on a canvas bag.

This little book gives the reader inspiration to dye and create projects in a creative and simple manner. Since the book’s title is in Japanese it is variously translated as “Simple to Tie Dye with Indigo” or “Easy to Use Dyed Cotton”.

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