More Kapital Catalogues

Azure Anarchy, Spring 2010 “Year of the Tiger”, is photographed in Rio de Janeiro. This catalogue is entirely photographic, with the images of the clothing in full page arrangements.

My favorite catalogue is Blue Men, 2011 Summer Collection, photographed in Morocco. Inspiration from the color, designs, natural landscape are evident in the plates of fashion and design. The catalogue explains “There is a large group of indigenous people living in Western Sahara. Although typically referred to as “nomads”, in accordance with their vastly different life style, they have a different common name as well. In order to protect themselves from the intense desert heat, there is a nomad tribe that dresses themselves in indigo dyed garments and wrap deep indigo turbans around their heads. Covered from head to toe in indigo, they have adopted the name “BLUEMEN” and are greatly respected. Our BLUEHANDS staff arrived at their location. Upon the dry dessert sand we mixed together our respective indigo and once again were touched by its profound and deep appeal”>

This catalogue shows, in photographs, the relationship between landscape and design. Photographic pages are followed by catalogue images of merchandise, a layering of image and graphics.

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