Punk by Junko Oki

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Junko Oki has created a beautiful and inventive new book called: Punk. I have seen images of her work on the internet and wondered how she does her stitching. This book answers that question with images reproduced in close-ups that show her labor intensive, free style embroidery work in vivid detail. The book, itself, is wonderful to hold; designed by Hiroki Ban on flat, medium paper, with exposed binding, and housed in a cardboard slipcase.

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The images in this book show how the work is finished and displayed. There are photographs of flat work and her more sculptural pieces.

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And then the surprise feature of the work. There is a thumbnail image of each item at the back of the book with a poetic and personal narrative about the piece. Oki writes: “In this book, there are 115 short narratives attached to each of the works included in this collection. As I wrote the narratives, I looked attentively at the photos I took of my works and went on a trip deep inside my conscious mind. Collectively, the works were none other than a reflection of me, maybe even embarrassingly so. I desired to expose myself even more through my works; I wanted to be true to myself. What else matters? That is the one thing that I know I am good at. I remember the faces of people who have crossed my path. Will you keep watching me throughout my journey?”

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Yes. I will keep following Junko Oki and hope she will keep sharing her work and her thoughts.