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There are a variety of books published about the Berlin sculptor Sati Zech. The energetic red or black, collaged and reconstructed, cloth and paper pieces vibrate with a unique rhythm and strong visual language.


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. The collages, of canvas or paper, are glued and stitched together in multiple layers. The artist started creating “domes” or “mounds” in 2001 which are usually painted red and called “Bollenarbeiten”. Dr. Fritz Jacobi explains in the book “Rauschrot: Sati Zech”: “”The simplification of the elements of detail as mound-like, bush-formed or egg-shaped—always capped on one side by a straight line—permits a flexible playing with segments and an unencumbered disposal over the entire expanse of each individual work. Nevertheless, the rows and bisected forms take on a more strict, measured treatment, which brings to mind the irregular ornamentation of heraldry. References to gradation, stratification, landscape and earth are embedded in the layers” ( page 39).

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Sati Zech’s early collages, (plates in exhibition catalogues from the 1990’s), show her affinity to cloth which she eventually started using. The muted earth tones and strong blacks give way, in the current work, to her use of reds.

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Sati Zech Im Roten Kafig: Arbeiten 2001 – 2006 is 92 pages and published by the Galerie Berlin. This book is filled with close-ups of the collage/paper work. There is one fold-out page that shows the installation of the work and a wonderful photograph of the studio and working process.

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