The Migration of Stitches & the Practice of Stitch as Movement


The Migration of Stitches & the Practice of Stitch as Movement by Anne Butler Morrell is a small (only 15 pages), jam packed catalogue, written in 2007 and reissued in 2012 by the Sarabhai Foundation in Ahmedabad, India. This catalogue pares down stitching to essentials: the naming of stitches, basic categories of embroidery, the movement of stitches, the face of the fabric and the reverse, marking the fabric and tools. There is a list of related publications and a list of Morrell’s other excellent books. The back cover of the book shows needles of all types for the beginning embroiderer to learn sizes and names of that basic sewing tool.


By simplifying the sewing process, Anne Butler Morrell makes stitching look accessible, interesting, and enjoyable.

Dyeing in Plastic Bags







Dyeing in Plastic Bags, by Helen Deighan, is a “how to” book that simplifies the dyeing process for quilt artists. The book suggests using procion MX dyes and household products: soda ash, salt, plastic bags, gloves, mixing bowls and measuring spoons. This book claims “no mess, no fuss, just great colors”. Really?

So I gave it a try.




The supplies are easy to find and mix.




The only problem that I had to resolve was mixing the dyes carefully to get a good solid color.


After reading, and using, only the first quarter of the book, I found myself addicted to this dyeing process.  I found the process easy and fun and started dyeing and over-dyeing  printed fabrics.  This informative book includes information on Graduated Effects, Tie-and Dye Techniques,  Mixing Colors, Cat-litter-tray dyeing, and more.  Ms. Delghan has quite a sense of humor, and, most likely, cats in her home.  The book is well illustrated by photographs and cat illustrations.

Here are the results of a few beginning attempts at using this book which I highly recommend.